Exercise Equipment

Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment for rehabilitation programs differs from choosing exercise equipment for fitness. Rehab programs often need to take into consideration factors such as low starting speed, accessibility and needs for disabled people, handles and grab bars strategically positionned to increase safety, raised iconography for the visually impaired, range limiting devices to accomodate people with limited range of motion, wheelchair accessibilty, and many more. Delta is specialised in consulting rehab centers, physiotherapy clinics and patients to help them make the best investment possible for their rehab gym and home gym. Increasigly, nursing homes and senior wellness centers are choosing workout equipment and exercise machines that can be effective tools in keeping an aging popululation more fit, provide challenging workouts and help in the prevention of accidents. Exercise equipment such as the Nustep exercise machine have become industry standard for cardiac rehab, for home gym as well as institutional gyms. Delta is an authorized distributor of exercise machines from h/p/cosmos Treadmills, Powering Athetics, Cybex, SciFit, SportsArt, Nautilus and Monark.  For more information on rehab exercise equipment or on how to choose the right kind of workout equipment please consult one of our exercise specialists or browse online.

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