FAQ Topics

  Can I try the product at your location?
  Are prices in Canadian Dollars?
  Are taxes applicable on my order?
  Can I add more products to my order?
  Can I pick up my order at your location?
  Can I return/exchange an item?
  Can I track my order?
  Can my order be billed to my account?
  Do I get special pricing if I'm a healthcare professional?
  Do I have to pay extra shipping fees on a backordered item?
  Do I need a prescription to order products?
  Do you bill insurance companies directly?
  Do you ship outside of Canada?
  How can I be certain that this product is the right one for me?
  How can I place an order?
  How do I handle warranty issues?
  How do I obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number?
  How long will it take to receive my order?
  I am new to Delta. How can I open an account?
  If my equipment breaks, can I request a service call?
  I’ve received my order, but there is an incorrect/missing item. What should I do?
  My package was delivered, but the box has visible damage. What should I do?
  What are the shipping costs?
  What is a California Prop 65 Warning?
  Which carrier will my order be shipped with?