Impulse D5 - Digital TENS Unit


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Impulse D5 Digital TENS Unit Specifications

Size:  4.2" x 2.9" x 1.4" (10.7cm x 7.4cm x 4cm)
Weight: 3.35 oz (94.97 grams)
Power Source:  2 AA batteries, Type LR6
Channels:  Dual
Waveform:  Symmetrical, biphasic square wave
Pulse Rate:  1-120 Hz adjustable
Pulse Width:  25-250 µS adjustable
Output:  Constant current
Constant:  Continuous stimulation. Pulse rate/Pulse Width are adjustable
Pulse Rate Modulation:  Pulse Rate modulates from 100Hz down to 20Hz over a 15 second cycle (7.5 seconds down, 7.5 seconds up). 
Pulse Width Modulation:  Pulse width modulates from 125-250µS and back down over a 5 second cycle (2.5 seconds down, 2.5 seconds up).
Burst I: One second ON. One second OFF. Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable.
Burst II:  Seven Pulses per burst, 2 bursts per second. Pulse Width is adjustable
Output:  Constant current
Intensity:  Continuously adjustable from 0-100 mA peak to peak
Output Voltage:  Continuously adjustable from 0-50 V peak to peak
Tolerances:  +/-1%
MDALL 1757

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