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Back in 2000, Making Choices was a game changer. If the first visit is about listening, the second visit (even if merely later the same day) is about preparing patients to understand the significance of your examination findings. Making Choices is a 7-minute pre-report video unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


The visual representations of the subluxation are dramatic, meaningful and understandable for patients. This video covers key chiropractic principles, saving you valuable time at your report. Including...

- Supremacy of the nervous system
- Two types of subluxations
- Three causes of subluxations
- Effects of neglecting spinal problems
- Four choices every patient must make
- Dangers of discontinuing care prematurely
- Importance of keeping your visits
- Asking questions and staying involved
- By laying the groundwork for better chiropractic patient understanding, your report of findings can be shorter, have greater impact and eliminate the repetitive nature of many explanations

Making Choices is included in our 4 in 1 DVD. It's the perfect lead-in to our third video, Staying Well, for the progress exam.

Making Choices Pre-Report Video
7 minutes
Individual DVD

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