• Weighs approximately one pound for the ultimate in portability and convenience

  • Provides 8-12 hours of continuous battery use

  • Features three ports for both cold and compression therapy—treat one to three athletes at a time

  • Operates with simple one-touch technology

  • Allows for three pressure settings from (30mmHg to 70 mmHg)

  • Intermittent, sequential compression pushes distal to proximal to move edema and swelling out of joints and muscles

  • Each site wrap includes one gel pack and optional insert for adding ice

  • Priced far below other cold and compression machines—allows you to purchase multiple units at the price of one competitive product


  • Travels conveniently between sporting events and home

  • Aids in RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) anywhere with no mess

  • Provides the flexibility for multiple joint or muscle therapy for up to three athletes

  • Accelerates the removal of lactic acid following high-intensity exercise

  • Reduces severity and duration of exercise—induced muscle injury and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

  • Improves circulation to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue

  • Provides therapy in one convenient solution and with out worry about pressure or temperature extremes

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